Sunset Project

“Do not cast me off in the time of old age; do not forsake me when my strength is spent.” Psalm 71:9

Growing old isn’t all that easy anywhere. There is no more hopeless creature in the world than an elderly person in Uganda. But it is especially hard in a desperately poor country like Uganda. The gap between the future-pursuing young generation and the forgotten elderly is terrifyingly wide. The elderly in Uganda have experienced unspeakable hardships throughout their lives. The elderly don’t feel ignored; they feel betrayed and abandoned.

Years of civil war left many without spouses or family members. And even after the war, they struggled to provide for themselves while the economy lay in shambles. Now, in the sunset years of their lives, life hasn’t gotten easier for Uganda’s elderly. In fact, it has gotten far more difficult for many. Daily life is little more than a struggle to survive. This need is what has prompted many Christians in these countries to reach out with love and compassion, both to elderly church members, and beyond. Bringing with them food, clothing, medical care and whatever else is needed, we bring God’s Word and the tender love of Christ into their homes and into the lives of the abandoned elderly.

We have encountered a seemingly endless number of elderly people who are in desperate need of help.