Life Skills

GOD SPEAK UGANDA defines life skills as the different tools/tactics or techniques one can implement in a given life situation to basically protect and serve self and other stakeholders in a given community.

Through research, GOD SPEAK UGANDA has discovered that while life skills basic principles are global and can be directly and comparatively inferred from community to community, there is also a possibility of difference in approach and implementation depending on the socio-economic, policy, tradition, culture, customs and historical factors. This is the best way to be relevant to the positive social change of a given community.

GOD SPEAK UGANDA has identified a need to address the following skills:-

  1. Positive parenting skills
  2. Child protection skills
  3. Leadership skills
  4. Communication skills
  5. Basic community health skills
  6. Food and water security skills
  7. Participatory development skills
  8. Nutritional skills.Would you like to join with us? Do you have any way you can be part of this noble calling of empowering others? Do you have any way you can contribute to the work? Please visit us or contact us.