How To Get Involved

  1. Short term missions: This involves medical outreaches, etc to underprivileged communities of Uganda.
  2. You can come for a short term mission to practically volunteer with us.Sponsor a child: $25 per month for a primary school student and $30 for a secondary school stundent for education needs(uniforms, shoes,school bags, books, pens pencils, and other requirements).
  3. Buy an acre of land: As a ministry, we would like to own 100 acres of land to enable us implement the entire ministry vision. Each acre is at approximately $1,200. In total we need around $120,000. On this land we shall build a school , dormitories, children’s church, a bigger and better convenient children’s home in order to be able to accommodate all the children supported by the foundation. We shall also put a model farm on this land.
  4. Set up an income generating activities: These ventures will employe some of the orphans who are able to work and raise funds to support themselves incase of donor fatigue.
  5. Make a donation to the revolving fund from as lttle as $10 to enable ugandan women improve and expand their business
  6. Pay a teacher’s salary: $40 per month for tailoring teacher/instructor
    You can also stand with us in prayer because we are set on the strong Christian foundation and we believe that with God all is possible.
  7. Donate: a New or used sewing machine and new or used knitting machines for a tailoring school and some for giving to our students who will have finished the tailoring course so that they can earn living.
  8. Discipleship Evangelism: You can adopt a church and walk with it for sometime focusing and Discipleship Evangelsim.
  9. Raise awareness:You can also help in raising awarenness of this project, God will greately bless you