Elton Schools

Elton schools was an initiative of Ambassadors of Jesus Christ Ministries (AJCM) aimed at providing access to education to the underprivileged and orphan kids. The school is currently operating three centers, two of which are operating on rented property. We rent because we don’t have our own land.

Ambassadors of Jesus Christ Ministries (AJCM)seeks to empower, build confidence and self sustainability to the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in the Community by giving them an opportunity of education, training in life skills and exposure to God’s word; Hence equipping for life. 
We would also like to ensure that all other people with a passion for education are given a similar opportunity.

Ambassadors of Jesus Christ Ministries (AJCM) believes education is the key to changing people’s lives from a life of low self esteem, misery, hopelessness and poverty to a life of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Many children in Namungoona, Kikajjo and Namasuba have a desire to be educated but their parents/guardians cannot afford to take them to school due to wrong preconceived ideas and low value attached to education.
It is apparent that many children live with their extended families particularly grandparents who cannot afford to send them to school due to no or limited income. 

Nevertheless, the children have an interest in being educated and be able to make a better future for themselves, their community & country. They are the next generation of leaders for not only their community but for Uganda and Africa. The Life skills training and education they receive today will determine the state of their community, Uganda and Africa tomorrow. 
Today’s generation of orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda has the potential to stand up and make a difference in their Community, Country and a different Africa from the suffering and pain they have endured as children.