Conference And Seminars

It’s our goal to provide ministry leaders with training opportunities through conferences and seminars that can lead to more effective ministry.

One of the many resources Ambassadors of Jesus Christ Ministries offers are conferences and seminars that we teach in various regions. The Leaders travel extensively teaching and sharing God’s message of repentance, forgiveness, deliverance, and healing, development etc. Through this resource we passionately develop outstanding servant leaders; committed to developing more of these Godly of leaders.

At our seminars and conferences, attendees always experience:

  • Teaching. Using recent research, we take a look at new paradigms while reinforcing Biblical truths and teachings.
  • Networking. We enable many to connect to others serving in the same ministry area—iron sharpening iron.
  • Discussion. It’s important for pastors and ministry leaders to explore new ideas and be a catalyst for change, while still maintaining the centrality of Jesus Christ and authority of God’s Word.
  • Leadership Skills: We offer leadership trainings for corporate & business leaders, church leaders & pastors, Youth, children workers, college students, and much more

Ambassadors of Jesus Christ Ministries  holds a number of ministries annually. These include Annual Pastors and Church leaders Conferences, Youths Conference, Women’s conference, etc.

In these conferences we empower believers and church workers by building their capacity to lives a holy and a righteous life as well as serving God effectively.

We teach believers and church workers who will teach others in turn usher many into the Lord’s service. we disciple women and help them experience freedom and balance in Christ, by providing them with opportunities to discover, develop and deploy their God given gifts and talents for personal development and service.