Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship is always our top priority in order to achive our goal. But maintaining a safe and secure environment the school and growing our capacity to meet the ever-growing needs, it requires much more than satisfying our children’s immediate, daily needs for food, clothing and medical care. We must grow our physical infrastructure and our human capital – the people responsible for fulfilling our mission.
Ambassadors of Jesus Christ Ministries provides education sponsorship to disadvantaged children as funds may allow. We call upon well wishers to stand with us through this noble task. If you would like to sponsor a child in the program, click here to view children that are in need. Your sponsorship will go towards Tution fees, Scholarstic materials, Shoes, and School uniform, Your support will change a child’s life forever.

Sharing God’s love with the orphaned, vulnarable and disadvantaged Children will open your eyes and the beneficially’s eyes to see how God’s love can transform lives and communities.

Ambassadors of Jesus Christ Ministries caters for children some of whom are orphans, destitutes and abandoned children.
The following services are offered to the children.

  1. Education: In some of the communities that we serve, only one out of every two children can afford to go to school. Our goal is to ensure that every child has access to quality education. Children have the right to access an education that provides them with the tools they need to grow up into self-sustaining adults. The best way to ensure change in any community is to educate its children in a way that releases them to become responsible and able citizens.  Ambassadors of Jesus Christ Ministries has a primary school with three center with a population of 336 students.The school is operated on a rented property. Ambassadors of Jesus Christ Ministries hires and supports top qualified teachers with a smaller teacher to student ratio, offers after school tutoring, and provides free uniforms, shoes and supplies to the children as well as one meal a day in a Christian environment. The schools also run extra-curricular activities such as music, art and craft.  The school is funded through school fees collection, which makes it possible for the children to receive all their school supplies, school uniforms and a hot meal at school. ‘How is my Money Spent’ For $25 a month you can provide..
  2. Health care – Sponsorship provides health care for the child. Because children die of simple diseases such as malaria every day, this basic health care can save lives at a small cost. Ambassadors of Jesus Christ Ministries also provides education to the families about hygiene and basic health for life. 
  3. Discipleship – Each child in our sponsorship program attends our Saturday children’s club. Not only do they receive spiritual