Greetings all of you people of God! We pray that all of you families are all doing well and for peace in God during these tough times. As Ambassadors of Jesus Christ Ministries, we want to bless our communities, here in Uganda.  We understand that the Whole World has experienced some of the same things as we have.  Our President issued a country wide have been under lock-down for over three month now and we are still uncertain of when the lock-down will be lifted. This COVID-19 nationwide lock-down has stopped non-essential businesses from working and has mandated that all people that do not work for these essential businesses must stay at home. In Uganda we do not have “fast food” chains to help our people with food.  We do not have grocery stores on every other corner.  Our communities’ shop in street markets and those are closed until further notice.  Now life here is even worse than before.   We are limited on face masks, food, medical attention, and necessities.  We are hoping that once additional masks have been manufactured, movement will be less restricted, though it is unclear when these masks will be available for all. Since a large portion of families live hand to mouth, many are struggling to provide for themselves, so much so that even basic necessities such as food and soap are too expensive. Some families have resorted to eating once a day or even every other day in order to cope with this difficult season. As a church, we have been blessed to help a few families within the community. However, we believe that God wants us to do more. In order to do that, we are going to need your help in this fight against poverty and helplessness. Every coin count, whatever you can give will be received with love. Thank you for your support and partnership, we love you all!

We have attached photos of what we as God’s people are doing to help the people in our communities.  We have helped feed over 300 families so far in just two month week.   We want to continue to help and increase the number of families.  Give to help others as God would want us to do.  We understand that everyone is fighting to help their people but there is always room to help more.

 Welcome To Ambassadors of Jesus Christ Ministries

Ambassadors of Jesus Christ Ministries (AJCM) is a fully registered Non Government Organisation in Uganda.  It supports over 1000 children some of whom are orphans, needy and disadvantaged children. This organisation is based on a strong Christian background  and focuses on nurturing honest and God-fearing leaders of tomorrow, as well as providing the basic needs of a child: food, shelter, clothing, education and parental love and care. It also intends to raise godly and responsible citizens of today and the next generation.